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Medieval Rebels
Geoffrey De Man

Geoffrey De Mandville’s tomb effigy

Geoffrey de Mandeville – Bandit of the Fens

Geoffrey, was remarkable for his prudence, inflexible spirit in adversity, and military skill. His wealth and his honours raised him above all the nobles of the realm. This lead to jealously, particularly amongst those who were connected with the king of the time – Stephen (B: 1092 or 1096, Reign: 22 December 1135 – 25 October 1154) Read More

Samuel Smiles – Reformer



Education in Wicken at the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century was remarkable for its success. It produced a wide range of nationally successful professional men and one woman. Sir James Pope the engineer, Wally Redit the boxer, Johnny Bullman the cyclist, Anthony Day the painter, Frank  Barber the goat  judge. Reginald [Wick} Alsop the banker, and most recently Ruby Barton as a self-taught educationalist. Read More