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School Days
Soham old grammar school

School Days: A Short Piece Of Basic Information Relating To All Our Schools Past And Present

Church of England Primary School – Clay Street

CofE-Primary-SchoolClay Street Primary School, Soham The Clay Street junior school and annex (Soham CE Junior school), served the community of Soham from it’s construction in 1863. Before it closed in 1991 it was replaced by St Andrews C of E Primary school which is based on Sand Street. The front of the main school, further along Clay Street, was made notable by the ‘Anglo Saxon’ warrior statue made of plough shears that once stood on a plinth in front of the lower central section. The statue is now housed ‘in pieces’ in a local barn. Read More

The Men Who Helped Abolish Slavery
Olaudah Equiano, former slave and Soham resident

On March 25th, 1807 parliament finally passed the Act of Abolition: slavery in Britain was banned. The slave trade was highly lucrative and entrenched in English culture. Despite opposition, a band of men were determined to see it abolished and spent years campaigning for its end. Read More