Anglo Saxon food and hygiene with ‘Abbe’


WW1 Exhibition – Soham ‘Lest We Forget’  Committee Members


Abbe’s pottage – St Andrew’s





True Living History

Over the last few years we have had an increasing number of Schools, Clubs and Organisations requesting talks from our group on a wide range of topics. So far we have covered: Soham Ghosts, The Tudors, The English Civil War, The Anglo Saxons, Romans, Victorians, WW1 & WW2, St Felix, The Ancient Greeks and Egyptians!

We endeavour to not only inform, but entertain too. All of our events have included: the history based around the subject, original items, activities and costumed narrator’s. As a dedicated group, we believe in everyone getting the most from the experience and are very hands on with all the things that we do. We don’t just talk at you… we include you.

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Topics include:
Gods, Tombs and Mummies – Ancient Egypt
Lap of the gods – The Ancient Greeks
Invasion – The Roman Conquest
The Dark Ages – Anglo Saxons
Turbulence, Succession and Reformation – The Tudors
Brother Against Brother – The English Civil war
Lest We Forget – WW1
On The Home Front – WW2
The Fens

Mini Displays – (Class room or static exhibition resource for all. on a specific topic)
Archaeological finds (various eras), Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Medieval England, Plague and Pestilence, The Tudors, Elizabethan’s, English Civil War, The Georgians, Slavery, Crime and Punishment, The Victorians and The Fens (soil, water, farming and industry).


The English Civil War talk – ‘Wow just wow.” , ‘An amazing talk and packed full of information., the detail and costumed too’, ‘We need to book you in for next year too.’  –  WI

Elizabethan Living History Weekend –“This is just my thing. ” “It is so nice to take our boys to such a great event and learn so much in such a truly interesting and hands on way.” Mr & Mrs P 

St Felix and Anglo Saxon day –
All the children in Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed travelling back in time, exploring the display and listening to the informative presentations that you and Barbara gave in role!  In particular, they loved the opportunity to dress up in Anglo-Saxon costumes, write in Runes with quills, make clay bosses and learn about illuminated manuscripts.  Your presentations were perfectly pitched for the audience of 8 and 9 year olds, all of whom were able to apply what they had already learnt in class and find out facts about their local area, which were obviously a revelation to some of them!  The link between ancient history and modern day Soham really brought home to the children that Anglo-Saxons were actual people who existed in the distant past.

Thank you once again for providing such an enjoyable and informative learning opportunity for the children.
Kind regards. Mrs H. (teacher)

“I have learnt so much about the town I live in today, wonderful”; Mrs B; “Hey nice ladies, best day ever!” – This comment was shouted across the road to us as we left the school.

The Tudors –
‘My word, so much knowledge explained so beautifully and in an interesting and imaginative way.” – Niddy
“Oh my…. look at all of this and they haven’t even begun the talk yet! So much effort made, thank you.”  – Mrs R G.
“I could listen to you talk about the Tudors all day. So much information and so visual. Wonderfully presented, well done Soham Heritage and Tourism.”  – M.H.

The Anglo Saxon’s (Library Exhibition) –
“Everything was awesome” – Oscar; “Great fun, especially the food and writing” – Sam

WW1 Centenary –
“Just so many things and we get to hold them too”; – Joseph. “My daughter couldn’t stop talking about her day spent with you. I have never seen her so interested or excited about anything like that before” – Mrs T.

The Romans –
“Mrs J, can you come back after dinner too, well… can you stay all day this is so good.”  “May we hold these coins?” (Yes, all the artefacts we show can be handled).  Cool!”. “This is really amazing, I didn’t know all this stuff.” “I like the dressing up and Roman school, can you come back again?” – Comments from St Andrew’s pupils. 


Fight Training – St Andrew’s

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Anglo Saxon Day – Soham Library

school talk

Anglo Saxon’s – Weatheralls