Soham Heritage and Tourism – About Us

Like many places, Soham has a rich history that covers thousands of years, which the local population and tourists to the area wish to embrace. The Soham Heritage and Tourism Group are actively progressing this need for the benefit of all. We have already achieved one of our aims, by gaining two central points in Soham, where everyone can view items, and read information on a whole raft of subjects. These ‘cabinets’ are located in the Walter Gidney Pavilion and Soham Library. They are to promote and support Soham through exhibiting the Town’s heritage and history. You will also find items for sale within Soham books (Soham High Street) and Jak Hibbs (Churchgate Street), which include:

  • St Andrew’s Rood Screen Bosses (plaster) Exclusive replica’s of the bosses from St Andrew’s church Medieval rood screen. The right to reproduce the bosses has been given solely to Soham Heritage and Tourism by Soham’s parochial council and the Church of England.
  • Individual Lives (only available as an ebook as all paper copies sold) – A fascinating book revealing the personal life stories of those who have lived and worked in Soham. The publication covers almost 100 years of living history with many interesting and previously unseen images. This publication is now only available as a ‘download’ as all books have sold out. Go to:
  • Postcards Choose from one of our popular selections of images of Soham. All uniquely photographed by one of our committee members who is a Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society.
  • Soham In Detail – A little book of architectural details, from around Soham, photographed and published for you to view. Can you guess where they all are? Out now as a ‘download’. For more information, please contact us at: or go to
  • Soham Tourist Guide & Leaflet (Final draft being proof read) Includes places of interest from Soham, our famous sons and interesting features with detailed map and information included.

Events, Exhibitions and Displays: Keeping our heritage alive for all

We offer regular events, talks, activity days, displays, exhibitions and costumed historical town walks, on a wide range of topics at various locations around the town every year. We also continually produce countless displays of Soham items, original artefacts, photographs, clothing, maps and accurate information on a wide range of local subjects from our expansive archive. Apart from the enormous interest shown by the public, at all of our displays, there is also a serious point to note. By providing these displays throughout the year we are not only showing items that would not be regularly seen, but also supporting our local library and other venues.

We are a real ‘living history’ group, that makes enormous efforts in and for every thing we do.

We also provide cabinet space for items from official groups and numerous individuals who share a love and passion for Soham, it’s history and our shared heritage over many centuries. Without this, some items may never be seen and shared. We THANK them all for working along side us to give the people of Soham and visitors to our great town the opportunity to view their items, which others don’t. Soham Heritage and Tourism are true custodians of our heritage for and on behalf of the people of Soham and surrounding areas.

NB: All donations are made to us with the full knowledge of the donator(s), and that they are being given solely to Soham Heritage and Tourism, to be held and preserved for the people of Soham and to no other group or organisation.

All our displays, exhibitions and open days are FREE to attend and are open to all. No membership is needed, no fees paid and everyone is welcome. This website will give you the most up to date information on all our activity. You can also visit our facebook page (see link to top right of this page)

Aims and Objectives:

  • We are committed to support our town through it’s history and heritage
  • To promoting tourism in East Cambridgeshire with our many working partnerships and like-minded groups and individuals
  • To assist, educate and give the public access to accurate information on Soham’s history
  • To promote other worthy groups and individuals in Soham and throughout East Cambridgeshire
  • Continue to add to the extensive and on-going archive of Soham’s history and heritage, for all to access – online, hard copy or through exhibition
  • Provide information and education to the community and local schools on our town

Good Foundations:

  • Membership of community organisations group – (from 25th June 2012)
  • An approved, ratified and signed constitution – (12th May 2012)
  • Established good working long term partnerships with various organisations and government bodies
  • We are a NON PROFIT organisation
  • In line with Soham’s Master plan / Vision
  • Our own full Public Liability, Collections and Event insurance
    (5million cover from a specialist insurer for charities, social and community enterprise’s)
  • DBS checked and approved committee members

Working Partnerships:

  • The Hereward Searchers Detectors Club
  • East Cambridgeshire Metal Detecting Society
  • Soham Town Forum (members)
  • Soham Library, Clay Street, Soham
  • South Angle Farm Park
  • Soham WW1 Centenary Commemoration Committee members (2014 to 2018). Other committee members include: Soham Royal British Legion, Soham Town Council and Soham Town Forum.
    The only Soham WW1 commemoration event with National Heritage Lottery Funding.

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